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JME Automotive has Superior Sanding & Salting Solutions:
You’ll want to spread the word about our hardy line of salting and sanding solutions. Our hitch mount models toss salt, calcium chloride or other ice melting materials more than 40 feet with ease. Available in three sizes, our galvanized steel spreaders are built to withstand corrosion and extreme cold.
Our superior salting solutions are now even better. Arctic’s newest spreader is engineered with two things in mind: ease and durability. The Hitch Mounted Spreader is very easy to operate and maintain, and offers a new level of toughness, courtesy of our innovative galvanized coating and tough poly hopper.
The Galvanized Spreaders and Sanders are easy to operate and maintain, and offer an all-new level of toughness, courtesy of our innovative galvanized coating. Your choice of gas or hydraulic drive, or 12 volt electric motor drive.

We also have new and refurbished snow plows for sale. Take advantage of financing on any of our new plows, available for qualified buyers. We install, service and sell parts for most makes and models of snow plows.

JME Automotive has been installing, servicing and repairing snow plows for over 20 years. Our qualified and trained technicians are extremely attentive to detail to ensure your plow needs are precisely met.

Please contact us with any plow questions you may have we will be happy to assist you.

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